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Open your door, your way, with ERA TouchKey

ERA TouchKey is a complete door solution for your brand new composite or timber door. By combining ERA’s mechanical security expertise with world-renowned smarter technology, TouchKey offers you a new way to access your home without needing a key.

At its heart, TouchKey offers choice and convenience, with multiple smart ways to enter your home, twinned with the highest security protection and BSI accreditation.

The ERA Smart Home Ecosystem

The ERA TouchKey can also work seamlessly alongside ERA’s wider smart home products. With the ERA Protect fully modular smart security system, you can add smart window/ door sensors, an alarm hub, outdoor and indoor cameras, a video doorbell and external sirens, to your TouchKey at any time to build your home security as you go.

Keyless entry for your home 

Grant instant fingerprint access without a key

With our advanced fingerprint technology, when you return home, you have instant access without needing a key. Whether you’ve got your hands full, it’s raining, or it’s the end of a long day, simply place your print on the sensor and enter your home.

Store up to 50 fingerprints, each named within the smart app. Self-learning technology adapts to the changing characteristics of each fingerprint over time to build robust identification.

Auto unlock your door based on the proximity of your smartphone to your door.

With a trusted digital ekey and geolocation technology, you can access your property without taking the smartphone out of your pocket.

Leaving the house puts your app into ‘away mode’ and on return your phone switches to 'home mode'. TouchKey authenticates you’re within range and unlocks your door. 

Single touch unlock with the ERA smart home app.

Use your Smart Home app to unlock your door with one touch or integrate TouchKey with an ERA smart alarm to remotely unlock your door wherever your are*.

Assign digital ekeys to your trusted friends and family or grant times access for visitors and revoke as required.

*Requires additional Communications Module (coming soon) and a separate ERA Smart Hub for remote unlocking

Voice recognition

Simple command using voice recognition will unlock your door as you approach.

Key override.

All smart access uses secure multi-layer authentication and we’ve even included a hidden physical key override for your ultimate peace of mind. 

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With built-in security protection

ERA's smart technology, data storage and security have been independently tested and accredited so you can safely make an informed decision about the security of your home.

  • Users have full permission to control and monitor
  • TouchKey uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone
  • Data is stored on a compliant UK ERA-owned data server
  • Ekeys use two-factor security authentication
  • Push notifications alert when batteries are running low

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