Support Policy

This policy is to keep you informed on the support you will receive with your ERA TouchKey.

The Warranty on your TouchKey is separated as follows:
  • Hardware Warranty - 10 years from installation for the MPL and Cylinder
  • 2 years from installation for the Smart Lock Handle

In addition to your warranty, we will provide continuous updates as follows:

  • Software and Feature Updates – We will maintain and support both the app, and firmware in the Smart Lock handle, for 4 years from the launch of the model. During this time we will maintain and introduce features, optimise performance, improve usability and add security patches.
  • Software Security – We will continue to provide security patches and updates, from years 4 – 8 from the launch of the model. After 8 years we will not introduce or launch further security updates, the model will work within the existing infrastructure and we will not be responsible for any vulnerabilities or breaches.


When updates are available, we will inform you through the ERA Smart Home app, our vulnerability disclosure page, our websites, and social media pages.

  • Critical Updates - We aim to release critical updates which are not security related within 90 days of being reported.
  • Feature Packs - Introduction of new features and/or app improvements will be released at least once a quarter.
  • Security Updates - Updates required due to a security related vulnerability becomes a high priority. We will aim to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and will provide weekly updates via the Vulnerability Disclosure page.

App compatibility:

The ERA Smart Home app will be available for Android and Apple smartphones. The ERA Smart Home app, has been designed for phone use, however it will work on tablets. Please note that aesthetically the display may differ.

To ensure that the ERA Smart Home app, is using the latest security updates available, we will support the latest operating system, and the previous version. Currently this means we will support devices using Android 13 and 12, and Apple iPhones using iOS 15 and 14.



To review vulnerabilities that have been reported, and actions we have taken, please visit Touchkey Vulnerability Disclosure.