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We have been securing homes for more than 185 years. Discover why ERA should be your choice of home security.
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Peace of Mind Whether You’re Home or Away

You can monitor and protect your property through your smart phone, from inside your home or from anywhere in the world. Speak to visitors without having to answer your door and provide instructions for deliveries.
  • Protect your home from inside and out
  • Control your home from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to use and install

What Our Customers Say On Trustpilot

  • "Great bit of kit, really bright light , great value for money."
    Geoffrey Warren, Floodlight Outdoor Camera
  • “Excellent service ordered and delivered within 2 days.”
    Mark Johnson, Service review
  • “Robust product with excellent performance at a good price.”
    Adrian, Outdoor Security Camera
  • "Very good alarm system,, was looking for a system that was simple to install and no false alarms , protects my house and garage! Very happy."
    Chris Davies, 7 Piece Smart Home Alarm Kit
  • "A nice simple video doorbell, from a company that takes both security and privacy seriously.."
    Steve W, Video Doorbell
  • "Every time I've contacted your technical department for help the service I've received from John and Matt is always first class. I would recommend your company to anyone."
    Peter Copper, Service review

Reasons to Feel Safer with ERA Protect

Easy to use and install

A simple DIY task to set up, install and use straight away

Bespoke systems

Can be tailored for every home to do exactly what you need it to do


System will hold up to 96 accessories, allowing you to build as you need it

Smart Home Integration

Works with Alexa and Google smart home speakers

BSI IoT accredited

GDPR and PSTI compliant, protecting your data as well as your home

Support when you need it

A UK-based customer support team on hand whenever you need them

Professional monitoring options

Add on the ultimate level of protection if and when you need it

Your Questions Answered

If you have a question that isn’t answered in our FAQs then please get in touch and let us know.
Can I install this myself?
Absolutely. ERA Protect has been designed to be self-install as far as possible.

The only products that we would suggest you consider professional support with if you aren’t familiar with wiring/electrical, are the video doorbell and floodlight camera, as electrical wiring is involved.
Are there any additional costs or hidden costs for using this system?
No. Once you have paid for your products, you can begin using them and will not incur any further costs.

If you have camera products, should you wish to, there are optional Cover Plans available that enhance the level or recording storage that you can access, as well as a professional monitoring service.

Find details of our Cover Plans here.
I have a question about my system, who can I speak to?
If you need any advice or support regarding the ERA Protect system, you can contact our UK-based Customer Support team on 0345 257 2500, Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm.. And Saturdays, 12pm - 5pm.
How many people/devices can be logged into the same app?
The initial account that is set up for your system will become the Administrative account.

There is no limit on the number of people who can use this account. For User accounts, you can create Guest Users, and assign specific roles and access levels across the ERA Protect products.

You can set up Guest Users and permissions through Account Settings in the ERA Protect app.
What does Professional Monitoring Do? What happens if my alarm goes off?
Professional monitoring means that an external trusted security company will be on hand 24/7 to check the status of your property in the event of an alarm trigger.

From their state-of-the-art UK-based Operations Centre, they will be ready to respond, giving you ultimate peace of mind that your home is being protected whether you are home or away.

In the event of an alarm trigger, anytime day or night, the monitoring service will check where the instance occurred, check any installed cameras to identify the source of the trigger and determine the course of action.

Thereby reducing any false triggers, by checking your property first. If a trigger is determined to be an intruder, then the monitoring service will take steps to ensure you and your nominated contacts are alerted immediately and contact the appropriate authorities if you are not available at the time of the incident.
How do I get charged?
If a Cover Plan is purchased through the ERA Protect app, it will need to be paid for using a credit or debit card.

It is not possible to use prepaid cards. You can choose to auto renew, in which case, your card will be charged at renewal to keep the cover plan active.
How do I buy a cover plan?
The easiest way to purchase a Cover Plan is via the ERA Protect app.

You just need to go Service Level via Account Settings, choose the Cover Plan and follow the process.

You can also purchase a code here. Once purchased online, a physical activation card will be posted to you, which you will need to receive before activating the Cover Plan via the app.
Who has access to my camera footage?
Our systems administrators can access video footage and will do so only when required.

If you have chosen to purchase our ERA Protect Plus Premium Cover Plan which includes professional monitoring, then our external security partner who provides this service will have access to your footage to be able to deal with any alarm triggers and take any necessary steps to protect your property.
If you have a question that isn’t answered in our FAQs then please get in touch and let us know.