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Trusted smart security for your door 

The ERA TouchKey door solution has been independently tested and accredited by the British Standards Institute (BSI), to give you the ultimate reassurance in TouchKey and the ERA cloud platform. The ERA TouchKey complete door solution is one of the first to be awarded the BSI Smart Residential Locking Devices Kitemark, which combines both the BSI IoT Kitemark and TS 621 technical standards for smart locking devices.  

Built-in security and safety protection

TouchKey door solution has been independently certified and is identified as a trustworthy smarter product. 

  • Safe: for easy escape in the event of a fire, TouchKey has a mechanical release on the inside of the door, that doesn’t require electronics 
  • Secure: TouchKey has been independently tested by an official body who will attack the electro-mechanical part of the smart lock to ensure that the security is not compromised 
  • Protected: TouchKey has undergone extensive tests to ensure the lock is protected from hacking methods and always ensure the devices electronic security

Certified built-in security protection

BSI Smart Residential Locking Device Kitemark

The BSI Residential Smart Locking Devices Kitemark is the ultimate standard for smart locks.

The standard incorporates both the IoT Kitemark and TS 621 standard and sets the bar for how we should view and assess smart locking devices moving forwards.

Reassuring you that devices have been independently certified and identified as trustworthy smarter products. 

ERA are one of the first manufacturers to achieve and be awarded this new kitemark for the ERA TouchKey smarter door solution. 

Smart security: BSI IoT Kitemark

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected smart devices, people, and systems, enabling data to be exchanged between devices over the internet to allow everyday objects/tasks to be made more efficient. It includes lots of recognisable smart devices, from mobile phones to fridges, door locks, alarms, and lighting. 

Products awarded a BSI IoT Kitemark undergo rigorous and independent assessments to make sure the device both functions and communicates as it should and that it has the appropriate security controls in place. Recognising those devices that are trustworthy, safe, and secure.

Mechanical security with smart locking: TS 621

TS 621:2018 is a technical standard from the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) to outline certification for residential thief resistant electronic door locking devices. Bringing together many other British Standards (BS), PAS and Technical Standards (TS) together to ensure a robust set of requirements for testing smart locking devices.

To meet the criteria, certified products have to undergo extensive testing including physical durability tests, vulnerability attack testing, and security manipulation testing. All of which ensure that the product is not only mechanically robust but the smart elements work alongside the mechanical locking elements to fully protect your door. 

BSI (British Standard Institution) develops testing and training to ensure products and services that consumers purchase meet certain criteria of excellence. The BSI Kitemark is a symbol of trust, signifying that each product allowed to display the mark on the product/packaging, has gone through a series of tests and achieves the highest standards.

For over a century, the symbol has made it easier for consumers to recognise the mark of excellence and as such, make an informed choice. There are several BSI standards, each specific to the product and application. More information on BSI and the individual standards can be found on their website, here we'll take a look at those for smart security devices.

Open your door, your way, with ERA TouchKey

ERA TouchKey is complete door solution for your brand new composite or timber door. By combining ERA’s mechanical security expertise with world-renowned smarter technology, TouchKey offers you a new way to access your home without needing a key.

At is heart is choice and convenience, with multiple smart ways to enter your home, twinned with the highest security protection and BSI accreditation.

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