• ERA Protect Plus Premium Cover Plan

ERA Protect Plus Premium Cover Plan


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The ERA Protect Plus Premium plan has been created to offer the ultimate in home security protection. As well as all the other great benefits of the other plans, ERA Protect Plus Premium this plan will provide you with professional monitoring services, active 24/7. Upon an alarm trigger, our external trusted monitoring company will check the status of your property and take action to secure your home, including alerting you and contacting the appropriate authorities if it is deemed an intruder is on your property and you are unavailable at the time.Read More

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    ERA Protect Plus Premium Cover Plan Package

    An ERA Protect Premium Plus cover plan upgrades your system to have all the benefits and features of the ERA Protect Plus package with the addition of professional monitoring. So, whether your home or away you can be sure we’re looking after your property. If an alarm triggers, the monitoring service will check where the instance occurred, check any installed cameras to identify the source of the trigger and determine the course of action. Thereby reducing any false triggers, by checking your property first. If a trigger is determined to be an intruder, then the monitoring service will take steps to ensure you and your nominated contacts are alerted immediately and contact the appropriate authorities if you are not available at the time of the incident.


    • Annual or monthly subscription
    • Professional monitoring
    • 4G back-up SIM for alarm and cameras (up to 100MB)
    • 30 day rolling cloud storage and activity log
    • Works with Alexa and Google Home
    • Voice calling and SMS notification

    Having an ERA Protect Plus Premium cover plan also ensures you stay connected during power-cuts and broadband outage, as the dual path technology automatically routes the alarm and camera (up to 100MB) signals over mobile networks using the built-in 4G SIM card when the broadband connection is down, so any home security remains active. With Protect Plus Premium, the alarm sensors automatically activate any Protect camera(s) to record what’s happening at the scene when an alarm is triggered.
    The hub will also automatically call your primary contact number, send an SMS message or push notification when the alarm is triggered to inform you which sensor has activated the alarm and then guide you to take appropriate action. If no one answers or takes the appropriate response to the notifications sent, the ERA Protect Plus service will automatically call your pre-defined trusted contact. ERA Protect Plus also has a secure communication line which is monitored by ERA’s unique cloud technology that notifies you whenever the line is down.

    The subscription will also give you 30 day rolling cloud storage and a 30 day activity log, so you can see any activities/events from the previous 30 days. Also, with Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration you have the option to use ‘voice calling’ commands to control your security system. You can use this feature to arm or part arm your alarm, disarm with a PIN, turn on/off cameras and much more. You also have the option to personalise the Plus action button on the remote control, keypad and app too. You can set the button up to perform a designated action e.g. turn cameras on/off or send pre-determined text messages to up to 2 mobile numbers.
    ERA Protect Plus Premium can be purchased as a 1 month or annual subscription online. If you purchase a 1-month only subscription, you can then set up a recurring monthly subscription from within the app itself.

    How to use your cover plan:
    Add the cover plan to your basket and go through checkout. An email will be delivered to your inbox with the subscription code to activate your plan.

    In the app, navigate to Account settings, select ‘Service level required’, tap ‘I have a subscription code’ and then follow the on-screen instructions.

    Please note:
    Plus Premium can only be activated if the account has at least 1 alarm hub and 1 camera installed.

    Technical Specification

    Product Barcode 5.05E+12

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    Upgrade your security to meet your needs

    All ERA Protect products are free to install and use, they always have been, and always will be. The ERA Protect app can be downloaded at no charge and is the key to controlling the smart alarm system you have added to your home. If security cameras are a part of your smart home security system, the app will also give you live streaming footage of your cameras 24/7, at no extra cost. If you want to further increase the level of protection on your home, you may benefit from on of our cover plans features:
    Enhanced security measures
    Camera recording storage
    4G SIM backup
    Full professional monitoring
    ERA Protect

    See full ERA Protect range

    Add or remove additional accessories at any time

    At ERA, we know that no home is the same. That's why you can choose from up to 96 accessories and customise the kits to your preference. All alarm accessories pair to the hub with a touch of a button via the ERA Protect App. Every home alarm system integrates smoothly with additional ERA Protect Cameras and Video Doorbell.

    ERA Protect Hub

    The heart of your home

    With wireless communication, the ERA Protect Hub alarm system is easy to install, set up and operate with no need to hardwire any accessories. The dual path technology means that whether the system uses your broadband internet connection or the built-in SIM card,
    you can be sure you’re always connected.
    Dual path cloud based system with over-the-air updates
    App controlled from anywhere, anytime
    Connects directly to your router, not dependent on WiFi signal
    Embedded 4G roaming SIM back-up, automatically connects to the strongest network signal*
    Alarm and cameras can be controlled by a single App**
    ERA Protect

      Pet Friendly

      Pet Friendly PIR Motion Sensor

      An additional pet friendly motion sensor for the ERA Protect alarm system, that secures rooms, hallways and entrance areas by picking up heat and movement when the alarm is activated.
      Pet friendly PIR motion sensor, up to 25 kgs Detection zone up to 12m Two way wireless communication Built in tamper protection Compatible with the ERA Protect Wireless Alarm range Simple one touch pairing to your ERA Protect system
      ERA Protect


      Wireless Remote Control

      Additional remote control for the ERA Protect alarm allows the system to be armed, home armed and disarmed when entering or leaving the property.
      Arm, home and disarm modes Two way wireless communication Plus Action button (Plus members only) Simple one touch pairing to your ERA Protect system Transmitting distance of <100m (in open area) Compatible with the ERA Protect Wireless Alarm range
      ERA Protect


      Wireless Door/ Window Sensor

      Additional door/ window sensor for the ERA Protect alarm system uses magnets to determine and therefore trigger the alarm when a door/ window has been opened.
      Ideal for doors or windows Two way wireless communication Built in tamper protection Simple one touch pairing to your ERA Protect system Wireless connection to the alarm hub Compatible with the ERA Protect Wireless Alarm range
      ERA Protect