Upgrade your security to meet your needs

The quickest and easiest way to purchase a plan is via the ERA Protect app. To do this, you go to Account Settings, and then press Service Level.


All ERA Protect products are free to install and use, they always have been, and always will be.  The ERA Protect app can be downloaded at no charge and is the key to controlling the smart alarm system you have added to your home.  If security cameras are a part of your smart home security system, the app will also give you live streaming footage of your cameras 24/7, at no extra cost.


If you want to further increase the level of protection on your home, you may benefit from one of our cover plans that offer enhanced security measures, from camera recording storage and 4G sim back up through to full professional monitoring, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your home is being looked after when you aren’t there.


Cover Plans

Cover plan

ERA Protect Plus

This plan boosts your home security protection, ideal if you have multiple cameras.

The ERA Protect Plus plan provides your alarm with 4G sim back up. Ensuring you have continual access to your device should you have weak or unreliable Wi-Fi signal in your home.

With this plan, you can include unlimited cameras to your account, with access to 30-day rolling storage of any camera footage recorded on motion detection.

You can also download and save video clips for future use.

  • 4G SIM backup
  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • 30-day rolling storage
  • £8 per month
  • £80 annually
ERA Protect

Cover Plan

ERA Protect Plus Premium

The ERA Protect Plus Premium plan has been created to offer the ultimate in home security protection. In addition to the Protect Plus plan, Premium provides you with professional monitoring services, active 24/7, 365 days a year.

Upon an alarm trigger, our external trusted monitoring company will check the status of your property and take action to secure your home, alerting you and contacting the appropriate authorities if an intruder is on your property (if you are unavailable at the time).

  • Professional monitoring
  • Wi-Fi hotspot hub
  • Voice calling and SMS notifications
  • Only £15 per month
  • £150 annually
ERA Protect

Purchasing a cover plan

All smart alarm systems are sold with a 3-month free-trial with the ERA Protect Plus cover plan. This will activate upon App account creation and will automatically end after 3 months. You can then choose whether to extend your cover.  

If you decide to continue, our cover plans can be purchased at any point via the ERA Protect app or online.

(All plans are set up on a monthly rolling direct debit payment).

If you select a plan online at the same time you purchase your smart alarm products, we will send you a cover plan card containing a unique code.  Upon your 3 month free trial ending, the app will prompt you to enter your purchased cover plan details.