Where to place your home security cameras

Where to place your home security cameras

Security cameras are a great solution for deterring burglars and overseeing your property no matter the location. However, to make full use of their functionality you need to consider suitable positioning and use the right number of devices. Here’s a short guide on how to use security cameras to their full potential. 

Every home and property is unique. Depending on the size and style they all have different security requirements. To build personalised complete-home protection you will need to consider all of the aspects of the setup and analyse every location.  

Outdoor cameras 

According to recent research, over 76% of burglars gain entry via a door and 20% enter through a window. Best practice is to cover every area and entry point having the most traffic. Place one camera at the main door and another at the rear or side door. A great alternative to the classic camera is a video doorbell, which you can install at the main entrance. This way you can keep an eye on your property, oversee deliveries, and welcome visitors using the two-way speaker. 

Try to find any weak points around your property that might be most vulnerable for break-ins. Place a motion detection floodlight camera in a dark corner that could be an easy spot for a burglar to sneak through.  

Remember to protect your garden shed, garage, and any other outbuildings. Those areas are often neglected in terms of security and thus become the weakest entry point and common target for opportunists. An additional outdoor camera installed on the garage wall will help you protect your car, bikes, tools, and sports equipment. If the garage is attached to your home you will gain extra protection from another entry point.  

Indoor cameras 

Within your home, try to ensure you have coverage across the common areas. Think about the rooms where you keep valuables such as a living room or master bedroom. Also consider places with the highest volume of traffic or connecting multiple rooms like hallways or staircases. For the widest field of view install your indoor camera in the high corner of the room.  

If you’re using your indoor camera to keep an eye on your pet or loved ones, consider placing camera in the meeting rooms like living room or kitchen.  

Another place to consider is the basement. It is a secondary location for installing the indoor camera, but if you keep there any valuables, it’s definitely worth considering. 

Where not to install  

Even though multiple cameras can help you protect your home, there are some areas you should avoid and be mindful about. Make sure that your cameras are not pointing at any surrounding properties and be careful not to disturb your neighbours privacy. Instead focus the cameras on your house and garden.  

Don’t place camera where the visibility is not clear. If you’re using outdoor camera in your garden, make sure that the branches or bushes are not covering the view. Some cameras shouldn’t be installed in direct sunlight as it may cause glare. The ERA Protect Outdoor Camera is fully waterproof and fitted with a sun shield to deflect heat away from the camera.   


Here at ERA Protect, we know that each home is unique. That’s why our security systems are flexible and fully expandable. You can choose from one of our ready-to-go kits or build your own system and customise it up to your preferences by combining up to 96 accessories 

Now that you know where to place the security cameras you can choose from our ERA Protect wide range here.