Y-Cam Protect Alarms - End of Life Update

Wednesday 31st January 2024

This communication is effective from Wednesday 31st January 2024 and is to inform you that your Y-cam Protect alarm and associated Y-cam Protect alarm accessories, Y-cam Protect Motion Sensor, Y-cam Protect Pet Friendly Motion Sensor, Y-cam Protect Door/Window Sensor and Y-cam Protect Solar Powered Siren has reached end of life.

Due to the nature of digital technology, there comes a point where a product or software can’t be developed any further and it is no longer possible to provide further support. This applies to most, if not all digital technologies including phones and apps for example.

When this happens, in the best interests of our customers, we have to change the platforms we use. This unfortunately means that our Y-cam Protect alarm and accessories have reached the end of their life and it’s no longer viable for these products to continue to operate on their existing platforms.

Our ERA Protect alarms feature the most up to date technology when it comes to smart home security. With a BSI kitemart and having gone through independent testing, it is system which continues to evolve with emerging technology.

Please see below for a list of alarm types and accessories affected by this change:

31st January 2024
  • Y-cam Protect Alarm Hub YPHSH01
  • Y-cam Protect Motion Sensor
  • Y-cam Protect Pet Friendly Motion Sensor
  • Y-cam Protect Door/Window Sensor
  • Y-cam Protect Solar Powered Siren

As of 31st July 2024, you will no longer be able to use the Y-cam app to control your Y-cam Protect alarm, and you will no longer receive push notifications.

If you subscribe to the Y-cam Plus service, you will no longer have access to those features either, such as SIM card back up, or automated phone calls/SMS text messages.

In order to support anyone affected by this, our dedicated Customer Service Team are on hand for any queries, questions or concerns. 

Please note:

  • You can still use your Y-Cam alarm as a local alarm, using the Y-cam Protect remote control.
  • To continue using the alarm using the remote control, please do not delete the sensors that you have paired with the alarm hub.
  • As mentioned above, once the platform has been removed, you will only be able to use the remote control to arm, disarm or use home mode.
  • No changes can be made once the platform is retired, and you will no longer receive push notifications informing you of the alarm state, or if it has been triggered.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope this notice period allows you to source alternative means for your security.

If you are unsure if your Y-cam is affected, you can check the model of your alarm within the settings section in the App or contact us for further support.

Telephone: 0345 2572500
Email: help@eraprotect.com

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