ERA Protect
ERA Protect

Did I lock the door?

It's that sudden intake of breath we all dread.

You're out, you've ticked everything off the list. But did you lock the front door?

You can't get home. You're out of the country. What if someone notices?

Well, what if you never needed to have this moment.

Introducing the Smart Universal Door Handle.

ERA Protect

Unlock your home's potential

Control the Smart Universal Door Handle anywhere in the world with our ERA Smart Home App
Remote Unlock
Unlocking your home is just a tap away thanks to our ERA Smart Home App
Access your home with fingerprint, keyfob and keyless technology.
Multiple ways to access
Fingerprint, keypad and app controlled, there are many ways to control your front door.
Walk and talk
With geo-location, your app will recognise when you're near your door and will unlock. Walk in like a boss.

Convenience you didn't think you needed

Let the kids come in from school. Allow tradespeople into your home. Give access to a friend to water the plants. For a busy world, it will make your life less stressful.

Unlock and lock your door anywhere in the world. Let visitors in without needed to be there.

Smart Security Made Simple

Retrofit our Smart Universal Door Handle into your existing door.
Retrofit to your existing door
Our Smart Universal Door Handle fits most existing doors. Simply change over to your new handle.
Easy to install handle. It will take you under 60 minutes to have it ready to go.
Easy to Install
From fitting to finish, it will take under 60 minutes for even the least skilled person with a screwdriver to put together.
Simply lift the handle to lock the door.
Lift to lock
It's no different to your current lock. Just with a bit a tech inside. Lift. Lock. Leave.

Securing home for over 185 years

Since 1838, we have been securing Britain's homes. From mechanical locks to smart locks, we continue to be at the forefront of the latest security technology to protect your world.

ERA Protect have been securing Britain's home for over 185 years.