SOS Feature

The SOS Alert feature enhances your security by allowing you to trigger your Alarm Hub Siren and any connected outdoor sirens by long pressing the Alarm Button.

This action also sends an SOS push notification to designated contacts and provides a quick shortcut to call emergency services (112).

If activated accidentally, you can cancel the alert within 5 seconds before the siren sounds.

To use this feature, simply launch the ERA Smart Home App and long-press the "ARM" button on the home screen, which will trigger the alarm and SOS message within 5 seconds.

ERA Protect

Feature in action

Mrs. Thompson, an elderly woman living alone, installed the ERA Protect Hub system to enhance her safety, given her occasional bouts of dizziness.

One afternoon, she felt dizzy and fell, unable to reach her phone.

Remembering the SOS Alert feature, she long pressed the Alarm Button, triggering the indoor and outdoor sirens and sending an SOS notification to her family and neighbour.

Her daughter Lisa and a nearby neighbour quickly responded, and Mrs. Thompson used the app's shortcut to call emergency services, ensuring help was on the way.

This quick response provided reassurance and underscored the feature's value.

ERA Protect

Arvind Nandimpally. Senior Software Engineer.
Smart Security.

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