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Protect your family, property, and enable peace of mind with a modern solution for modern life!


When considering home security systems to protect your property in style, robust burglar alarm kits should be at the top of your agenda. ERA Protect’s award-winning alarm kits are the number one solution for an efficient and cost-effective way to deter thieves from your property.


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Let’s face it; the need for a high-quality burglar alarm has never been greater. The average household is now home to a greater number of valuable possessions than ever before. Likewise, the statistics surrounding both home and commercial burglaries are pretty eye-opening too.


  • Despite numbers reducing in the pandemic, over 265,000 incidents occurred in the year ending June 2021.
  • The average cost of a residential burglary in the UK is just over £3,000.
  • Up to 1 in 8 victims of burglary never emotionally recover while around 44% disclose they feel violated.


Prevention is the best form of protection, which is why a burglar alarm featuring motion sensors and outdoor sirens is crucial. Aside from putting your mind at ease while protecting your family and assets, it also helps you avoid the fallout and recovery processes following an intrusion.


ERA Protect combines the visual deterrents of an external siren with smart internal sensors that safeguard all rooms and entrance points. Better still, remote-monitor capabilities enable you to remain informed of any intruder alertseven when you’re not home. Moreover, all items use wireless technology to deliver optimal performance and cause minimal impact to your home’s aesthetic.


When supported by CCTV and suitable locks for all doors, your home will feel safer than ever.