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Holiday Cover Plan

Going on holiday soon? Need peace of mind whilst you're away from your home? Protect your home without committing to a long term plan with our new Holiday Cover Plan, and get all the benefits of our Plus package for just £5.00!

Adding ERA Protect Holiday Plan to your ERA Protect system, ensures your camera(s) records video when motion is detected, as long as they are connected to active internet connection.

The Holiday Plan is active for 14 days, meaning clips will be stored for the duration of the 2-week subscription. In the event of an alarm trigger, your cameras will also record for up to 15 minutes. 

In the event of an internet outage, your alarm stays connected, as dual path technology automatically routes the alarm signals over mobile networks using the built-in 4G SIM card, so any property security remains active.


  • Annual or monthly subscription
  • 4G back-up SIM for alarm
  • 14 day rolling cloud storage and activity log
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home
  • Automated voice calling or SMS notification
  • Plus action button features

The hub will also automatically call your primary contact number, and a trusted number in the event the primary contact is not available, or it will send an SMS message to the number on an alarm trigger. 

Also with Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, you have the option to use ‘voice calling’ commands to control your security system. You can use this feature to arm or part arm your alarm, disarm with a PIN, turn on/off cameras and much more.

You also have the option to personalise the 'Plus' action button on the remote control, keypad and app too. You can set the button to perform a designated action e.g. turn cameras on/off or send pre-determined text messages to up to 2 mobile numbers.

How to use your cover plan:

The Holiday Plan can only be purchased via the ERA Protect App (available for both Andriod and IOS).

To purchase the 14-day Holiday Plan, simply go to your ERA Protect App, visit Account Settings, then Service Level and buy via subscriptions.

Please note:

On creation of your ERA Protect account you will receive the ERA Protect Plus plan for 3 months. This includes 30-day rolling storage for the camera and alarm, plus 4G SIM back-up on any purchased alarm.

At the end of the three month period you can choose to purchase a subscription, and we offer a Camera Plan, Plus and Plus Premium. 

The Camera Plan is per camera, and will enable them to record on motion detection, with the video clips stored on a rolling 30 days basis. 

The Plus Plan will cover the alarm and/or all cameras on your account. For the alarm this will provide automated phone calls or SMS messages, 4G SIM back up and Plus Actions.

The Plus Premium Plan will provide the benefits of the Plus pan with Professional Monitoring. In then event of an alarm trigger, a professional monitoring service will review the reason for the alarm trigger and call the emergency services if required, and you. To use the Plus Premium you will need the ERA Protect Alarm, and at least one camera.

If no subscription is active, then your camera(s) will provide a live stream only, and send motion push notifications, and your ERA Protect Alarm will work as long as connected to an active internet connection. You will then receive push notifications.