Global Lockout


The Global Lockout feature enhances account security for ERA Smart Home users by allowing them to log out all devices from their account, particularly useful if account details have been shared with friends, family, coworkers, or service providers.

Although creating guest or family accounts is recommended, this feature offers a quick and secure way to revoke access when needed.

To use the Global Lockout feature, users simply navigate to Account settings in the Hamburger menu, select User settings, and click on "Logout from all devices" at the bottom of the page.

This ensures that only the account owner can re-login, providing peace of mind and maintaining control over home security.


You can get to the Global Lockout by following these exact steps:

ERA Protect

Feature in action

Emma, a busy homeowner, uses the ERA Smart Home system to secure her house.

The Improved Sensor Dashboard allows her to quickly check the status of all Access Sensors, including Door/Window Sensors and WindowSense devices.

One morning, Emma checks the dashboard and notices a window sensor is open.

Investigating, she finds a window left open overnight and promptly closes it. The dashboard also alerts her to a low battery in the back door sensor, prompting her to schedule a quick replacement.

This feature helps Emma efficiently monitor and manage her home’s security, ensuring it always remains protected.

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Gary Awoyemi.
Head of Engineering. Smart Security.

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