Alarm Dashboard Enhancements

The Improved Sensor Dashboard for ERA Smart Home users offer a comprehensive view of all Access Sensors, including Door/Window Sensors and WindowSense, in one convenient location.

This upgraded dashboard allows users to easily monitor the status of their sensors, displaying whether they are closed, open, or have a low battery.

To access the Improved Sensor Dashboard, users can simply go to Settings, choose their Alarm Hub, and view the status of their sensors with enhanced imagery.

This feature provides a clear, user-friendly interface, ensuring that homeowners can quickly assess the condition of their security sensors and take necessary actions to maintain their home’s security.

Now you have access to an Improved dashboard for all your access sensors (Door/Window Sensors and WindowSense)

These features include:

  • See the status of your sensors in the Sensor Dashboard. (Closed/Open/Low Battery)
ERA Protect

Sumier Foster-Shah.
Smart Security Product & Customer Support Manager

ERA Protect