• ERA miChime Batteryless Wireless Doorbell Chime and Kinetic Bell Push

ERA miChime Batteryless Wireless Doorbell Chime and Kinetic Bell Push


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    The revolutionary miChime MCE1 is a completely Wireless and Battery less Plug-In Doorbell Chime kit. The unique watertight Bell Push uses Kinetic energy (mechanical energy transformed into electrical energy each time the button is pressed). The Bell Push is pre-programmed to the selectable 25 melody Chime Unit for quick and easy set-up and works on 433MHz frequency, giving an operating range of up to 50 metres*.

    Completely battery and wire free Chime and Push. The Kinetic Bell Push required NO batteries – fit and forget and maintenance free. Its completely waterproof with an Anti-UV coating. The plug and play design means you can be set-up in less than 5 minutes.

    The mains powered Plug-In Wireless Door Chime Unit has 25 selectable melodies with adjustable volume. The indicator LED on the Chime Unit gives you a visual indicator that the bell has been pushed. With an operating range of up to 50 metres*, up to 3 Bell Pushes can be learnt to a Chime and an unlimited number of Chimes per Bell Push.

    * Measured in open field conditions

    In the box: 1 x Plug-in Wireless Chime Unit, 1 x Kinetic Energy Bell Push, 1 x Bell Push Mounting Bracket, Fixings and Fittings, including double sided adhesive pad ad Instruction Manual.

    Technical Specification

    Product Barcode 5.06E+12

    Technical Download Sheets

    Compatibility Checker

    Although our smart universal door handle can fit into most doors, it's best to check it will be suitable for yours, and avoid an unwelcome surprise.

    Use our compatibility checker to make sure your door can use our new smart door handle.

    Compatibility Checker
    ERA Protect

    Smart Home. Smart Life.

    Solving life's little problems.

    Need to let the kids in from school but you're away? Unlock the door via our app.

    Both hands full of shopping and can't reach for the keys? Geo-location technology unlocks the door for you.

    Don't want to give out spare keys? Set up fingerprint recognition to those you trust.

    You'll never look at a front door handle the same way again.

    Unlock and lock your door anywhere in the world. Let visitors in without needed to be there.

    Easy to install

    You don't need to be a trained locksmith to put together our Smart Universal Door Handle.

    We have a range of installation guides and videos to show you what to do.

    More time for you to play with your new gadget.

    Watch now
    ERA Protect

    Advanced Fingerprint Technology

    Offering a convenient way to unlock the door.

    Prints are encrypted and stored directly onto the handle for security.

    • Stores up to 50 fingerprints securely.
    • Each fingerprint can be named individually.
    • More than enough space for all the family to add several prints each member.
    ERA Protect

    Encrypted Key Card

    Simply tap on the handle for immediate access.

    • 2 cards included with each handle, further cards can be purchased separately
    • Up to 50 keycards can be linked to the handle
    • Convenient for older children to access the home.
    • Notifications and activity logs alert the main user when cards have been used.
    • Added reassurance that users have arrived home.
    • Easy set up.
    ERA Protect

    'Appy To Help

    Our Smart Universal Door Handle can all be managed via our ERA Smart Home App.

    Using our ERA owned UK supported platform, you can assign fingerprints, manage access and be in control of your home security all on your phone.

    Are the kids home from school and they've misplaced their key? Letting a builder, cleaner or gardener in? Perhaps someone has come back from walking the dog?

    Unlock your home whilst you're away with the power of a tap.

    Download on iOS and Android.

    ERA Protect

    185 Years Of Security Expertise

    With nearly two centuries of developing home security, you can be assured that those years of knowledge have been poured into making our latest innovation.

    We've been making locks and door handles way before your grandparents, and we're using this skills to provide the latest innovations in smart home security.

    When it comes to protecting the UK's homes, we have history on our side.

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    Trusted By Customers

    We're rated over 4 stars for our smart and mechanical security products on Trustpilot.

    Customers believe in what we do. See for yourselves.

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    Choose ERA Protect!

    For complete smart home security & monitoring.
    ERA Protect
    ERA Protect

    What is the ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle (EP1)?

    ERA has been at the heart of the British lock making for over 185 years. That knowledge, experience and expertise in securing homes across Britain, drives us to produce products that not only secure your home but benefit your lifestyle. The ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle combines smart technology with the best in home security, offering you a new way to access your home without needing a key.

    Specifically designed for multi-point door locks with a ‘lift to lock’ action, to offer you a simple DIY smart solution to replace an existing door handle. With, three smart ways to enter your property at the door, or with the WiFi Connection Hub, remotely connect to unlock your door from anywhere. Offering you choice and convenience twinned with the highest security protection.

    Is the ERA Protect Smart Handle (EP1) suitable for any property?

    Yes, the ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle suits many properties and can be fitted in any new or existing PVCu, composite, aluminium or timber door.

    Designed for use with a multi-point door lock with a ‘lift to lock’ action, you can check your existing door lock is compatible with the EP1 handle by taking a look at our compatibility checker.

    Can I fit the ERA Protect Smart Handle myself?

    Yes, our ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle is a straightforward installation.

    We have a handy ‘step by step’ video guide on how to install the handle or an installation manual that can be downloaded above.

    How does it all work – is it all smart technology?

    ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle is a smart door handle that fits alongside a lift to lock a multi-point lock on a new or existing door.

    There are three ways to unlock the handle externally using a registered fingerprint, registered key card or the smart home app.

    The keyless entry system uses multi-level security authentication within the handle to unlock your door once a registered and authenticated method has been used.

    To lock, simply close the door and lift the lever of the handle.

    To exit, it's simply a case of using the thumbturn and pushing the lever down to open the door. 

    How long will it take to install the ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle?

    The Smart Universal Door Handle can be DIY installed.

    Our installation manuals and videos will guide you through the process ‘step by step’ to enable you to install the handle,
    with installation and set up taking 30-60 mins typically.

    If you have any questions, please contact our team on 0345 646 1487.

    Do I need WiFi to use the ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle?

    The ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle handle itself does not connect to the internet.

    Your smartphone will need an internet connection, via WiFi or data, to enable the handle to communicate with our platform, when you are using the ERA Smart Home app.

    Is there a warranty on the ERA Protect Smart Universal Door Handle?

    At ERA, we firmly believe in the quality of our goods.

    Our technology achieves outstanding performance and durability, and we can therefore offer, in addition to your statutory rights, an additional limited guarantee on this product for a period of two years from the date of purchase/ installation.

    Please view our warranty terms and conditions on eraprotect.com for further information. 

    If you do experience any issues, please reach out to our team on 0345 646 1487. 

    I have a question, who can I speak to and when?

    Our customer support team are available Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm, and Saturday 12pm - 5pm.

    Give our team a call on 0345 646 1487.

    Or there are lots of frequently asked questions, videos and downloads available on the help and advice pages.