Professional Monitored Alarm System Explained

Professional Monitored Alarm System Explained

One of the great things about smart home security is the flexibility you can have in creating a system that does exactly what you need. We all use our homes differently, including how much time we spend there. For those who are frequent travellers for work or leisure, you may require more than a standard alarm. In which case, professional monitoring may be a valuable upgrade to your system.

What is a professional monitoring service?

Professional monitoring offers ultimate peace of mind to homeowners, who will know that their house will be checked on regardless of where in the world they are.   

Under a professional monitoring service, if the alarm triggers, the monitoring service will access the installed security cameras to assess if there is a genuine or false alarm.  They will then determine an appropriate course of action.  The homeowner will be notified and if necessary, they will also contact the appropriate authorities. 

A professionally monitored alarm system provides you with a backup, so you can relax wherever you are and focus on your day-to-day tasks.  

How will you be notified?

If an alarm trigger is confirmed to be an actual intruder, the security company will take steps to ensure you and your nominated contacts are notified immediately. You will either receive a call, SMS message or push notification. The service will inform you which sensor triggered the alarm and stay on the line for comfort and guidance. 

If no one answers or takes appropriate response, the company will contact any appropriate authorities. In case of ERA Protect you can set up a primary and secondary contact to receive these alerts.  

Adding security cameras 

To be able to access professional monitoring services, you will need to add security cameras to your existing system. This will allow the security experts to check the recording and confirm if the trigger is genuine. The cameras can be placed outside or inside the property, near the entry points or busy areas where the intruder is most likely to pass by. 

The cameras will allow you to view what’s happening around your house no matter where you are. With the ERA Protect Premium cover plan you will gain additional 30 days rolling cloud storage, so you can review any activities from previous 30 days. 

Who is professional monitoring suitable for?

The service is perfect for anyone who wants to add extra security to their current system. If you have a very busy schedule or travel a lot, the extra pair of eyes watching over your home may come very useful. It’s suitable for holiday house owners, who do not visit the property often or perhaps do not live nearby, so are not available to come by in case of an emergency.  

No matter of your situation, the professional monitoring can prove invaluable. Whether you’re in a shop or a meeting and can’t access the app on your smartphone, the security experts will monitor your house and take appropriate action for you. 

How to upgrade your security system with the professional monitoring service?

In general, professional monitoring is an additional paid upgrade. Most smart alarm providers provide this in the form of a subscription or cover plan, paid on a monthly or annual basis. At ERA Protect you can gain an all-inclusive service provided by professional accredited security company for only £19.99 per month.

So, is the service worth it?

Definitely yes! The professional monitoring service gives you the ultimate in peace of mind. So whether you’re on holiday or away for work, you can rest assured your home is fully protected and monitored 24/7. 

If you want to learn more about how to upgrade your smart security system, visit our cover plan section.