How to Secure Your Smart Home this Winter – top tips

Darker Night Home Security

Research shows that burglaries increase by a third during the winter months. Long evenings create a perfect cover for burglars and empty properties can easily be identified after nightfall. As the clocks go back and darker nights draw in make sure that your home security is up to scratch and you and the family is fully protected!

Simple tricks and security measures can drastically improve your home safety and allow you to feel more secure during the dark winter months.

We have selected some of our top tips below for a secure home this winter.


Floodlight Camera

Light up your driveway

One of the easiest ways to deter burglars is to install motion-activated lights around your home. A great alternative to a traditional spotlight could be a floodlight camera. ERA Protect Floodlight Camera looks and works just like the regular spotlight, but additionally send a live feed to your smartphone, so you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world and at any time.


Check your door security

Updating your door lock can seem like an expensive or complex job but it is actually relatively easy and can be carried out as a DIY task. Rather than adding a new lock, you can easily update the door cylinder and the locking mechanism, to offer added security and peace of mind.

Another simple solution to increase your feeling of safety and visible home security is adding a door chain or door restrictor to your front door. These useful devices make you feel safer when opening the doors by allowing you to identify the visitors before granting them entry. Such a physical barrier urges those looking to force entry into your house to think twice.



Put a lock on the windows

We all know the importance of making sure windows are closed before leaving a property, but it's also important to understand the mechanisms on your windows and make sure they are locked. Aside from the traditional lock and key approach, another option for homeowners is to add technology. A smart window sensor will an additional layer of discreet monitoring and security to any window. The ERA Protect Door and Window Sensors use innovative technology to alert the property owner via a smartphone notification if they detect an attempted break-in.




Remember to secure the garden

Whilst we all pay attention to the home itself it is also important to protect the surrounding areas of the home. As the outdoor season is finished, put all of the garden furniture and barbecues away and secure the sheds with high-security padlocks and smart security cameras.

Keeping an eye on side gates, rear boundaries and any public footpaths around the house can seem like a big task, but investing in cameras to monitor outbuildings or side entrances will instantly offer peace of mind. ERA Protect Outdoor Security Camera will allow you to see and hear what’s happening outside your home. With smart functionality, you can monitor the property day or night and access live stream footage, all via the app.


Remove places people can hide

Rather than enhancing security, big hedges and tall fences can actually offer burglars an easy place to hide. We recommend keeping fences at the front of the property low to allow clear visibility and using taller fences at the side or rear to make access more difficult.

When it comes to hedges, try to keep those at the front to a height where you can still have a clear view over the top. You can also use prickly or barbed shrubbery along boundary lines to act as an effective natural barrier.


At ERA, we know exactly how to strengthen your home’s security. With over 180 years of experience securing British homes, we treat security seriously. From trusted window and door security to the latest smart-home solutions, shop here, for exactly what you need to keep your home safe this winter.