Big Holiday Plans? Keep your home secure this summer

Big Holiday Plans? Keep your home secure this summer

With holiday plans fast approaching, we have listed a few simple steps you can follow to protect your home and guarantee yourself a stress-free holiday.

Ask a friend

Burglars will commonly target properties which have no obvious security protection or have been clearly left unattended. Before leaving for holiday, make arrangements with friends or trusted neighbours. Ask them to collect any parcels or letters that may arrive whist you’re away to make sure they’re not building up on the doorstep.

You could also invest in a security camera, which will allow you to monitor and watch over your home while you’re not there.

If you already have a smart home security system, share a spare remote control with a friend and ask them to visit your home while on holiday. Making the house look occupied is one of the most effective ways of deterring opportunists.

Make a checklist

Once we’re in holiday mode, it’s easy to forget about the simplest security measures. Create a list before leaving to ensure that even the simplest security measures don’t get overlooked.

You can use this list below:

  • Ensure your door/s and windows are locked and double-check the rear entrance.
  • Make sure your door lock meets the latest security standards.
  • Remove any valuables from visible or obvious places.
  • Hide any small items and move bigger items away from windows.

Don’t forget about the garden!

One of the most common targets of domestic burglaries are garden valuables. It is important to take your garden security seriously. Before you leave make sure any outdoor furniture and bikes have been put away (if you own a garage or garden shed, ensure these have security measures applied. Ensure they are securely locked and add an extra padlock where needed).

It may be necessary to consider installing further security cameras to monitor the garden. Our ERA Protect smart home alarm will immediately alert you when any motion has been detected. You can even check what’s happening around your home in real-time and take any necessary action.
For an ultimate peace of mind while you’re away, why not take our quiz to help match you with one of our smart security bundles. Simply click the pop-up chat icon at the bottom right corner of your page.