How to avoid false alarms?

How to avoid false alarms?

A false alarm is an instance of your alarm going off by mistake. False alarms can be a massive inconvenience for every smart home security owner. Not only can they be stressful and irritating as you’re wasting your time investigating the alert, it can also damage the trust you have how well protected your house really is. 

You will certainly want to minimise false alarms happening as much as possible. So here are a few tips to help keep the false alarms few and far between.  


Let’s start with the most common causes of the false alarms: 

  • Faulty or cheap equipment
    Any security products that are not in a good shape or require maintenance may cause a false alarm. Always make sure you keep up with the regular maintenance checks or servicing.  For any battery-operated products, ensure you replace batteries when advised. Normally, the system will notify you when the batteries are running low to avoid any risk of triggering the alarm unnecessarily. 
  • Poor installation

    Installing the alarm correctly is essential for the system to fully function. In the case of ERA Protect, all products have built-in tamper protection, so any loose parts could be interpreted as an attempt to remove or damage the system and will automatically trigger the alarm. 

    Choosing the correct area to place the equipment is also crucial. Sensors should be fixed with a clear view and not near the heat source (e.g., above a radiator). Any accompanying instruction manuals will advise you what is best for the specific product you are installing. 

  • Human error

    The false alarm can be caused by inputting an incorrect code or entering the property without disarming the alarm system. It may be an issue for new users or children who aren’t as comfortable with the routine of disarming an alarm.  Some alarm systems, including ERA Protect, offer alternative methods for controlling your alarm, such as the app or a remote control.  

    Leaving the window open can cause an unwanted alarm trigger if you are using products such as the ERA Protect Door and Window sensor. These sensors will notify and remind you to close any open windows before leaving. So even if you forget about any entry point, we will remember for you.   


So how to avoid the false alarms? 

  • Professional monitoring
    If you’re a frequent traveller or have a very busy schedule that keeps you away from your house for long periods of time, you can add professional monitoring services to your home security system. When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring company will investigate the event by viewing footage from your security cameras and contact you.  They will also determine the next course of action which may include alerting any relevant emergency services if they deem it necessary as well as sending out a guard to wait with your home until it can be secured in the instance where you cannot get there. So even if you can’t be there yourself, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands and secured by professionals.   
  • Pet friendly motion sensors
    We love our furry friends, but we don’t want them to cause problems with our home security. Invest in a good quality pet friendly equipment, such as PIR sensors, which use heat and infrared energy to detect motion so they can disregard pets of certain weight. In case of ERA Protect, PIR sensors will continue working with pets up to 25 kgs so they can walk around freely without setting the false alarms. 
  • Adding cameras
    As soon as the alarm is triggered the alarm system will send you an alert via the app installed on your smartphone. From this, you can disarm the alarm, but you may also feel it would be useful to be able to see your property to see if it is a genuine or false alarm trigger. In this case, we recommend adding cameras to your security system. With ERA Protect cameras you can access a live stream at any time and from anywhere in the world via the app. This way you can monitor what’s happening in your property and quickly deactivate the alarm no matter where you are. 


Research shows that some burglars stay around the property to see how the homeowner reacts to an alarm trigger. If they ignore the false alarm, it is more likely that the house will be targeted. That’s why you should always investigate every alert! 

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