How do I secure my new home in 2024?

How do I secure my new home in 2024?

Moving house is one of life’s most exciting moments. With a checklist filled with packing boxes, organising paperwork and picking out new furniture, many often forget to take the basic security measures needed to protect your family and new home.

We’ve put together a quick guide on the best practices to carry out to make your move as smooth as possible.

Statistics never lie

When moving to a new neighbourhood, it’s worth researching the area. There are a multitude of resources that can be used. The official Police website can provide you with crime statistics of the new area. This can help establish a general picture of the area, and allows you to compare rates to other neighborhoods.

Visit the area

It’s important before moving home to get a feel for the local area, allowing you to see how busy it gets at different times of day, how they are maintained and more.

If you can, we also recommend speaking to the people living in the area for a first-hand view of what local living is like.

You can also check to see if the area is a part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Change the locks

One of the most important security steps to take is on move day. Arrange for all the entry locks front and back doors to be changed, give your confidence and peace of mind knowing you are the only ones with access to your new home.

(Remember to check the windows. Look for signs of jams or faults and arrange for them to be fixed or replaced).  

Beware of boxes

A common mistake for moving in is leaving empty cardboard boxes from purchases (TV’s etc) outside your home. This alerts burglars of the brand new valuables in your home.

We know that often moving house can take up to a few days, hanging curtains and blinds in the windows will deter any potential burglars from your home, as well as acting as a security measure to hide any valuable belongings inside.

Neighbours are your friend!

Getting to know your neighbours in a new area is one of the greatest ways of securing your home. Become a part of the local community and find trusted neighbours to help you settle in.

Invest in an alarm system

We may be a bit biased with this one, but having a basic security alarm system in place is one of the best ways to protect your home.

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It allows you to be able to monitor your property at all times, and alerts you of any activity happening outside of your home.

If your home already has a security system, ensure the PIN is changed so its unique to you. Check you have the code and user manuals to be able to operate the system.

Lock. Lock. Lock

Once settled in, keep a maintained routine that keeps your property safe. Always keep doors and windows closed and locked when you’re away from home. And remember to set your alarm when leaving the property.

Your security matters

We’ve been securing homes for over 180 years. During that time, our invested expertise means we are always at the forefront of the latest methods of protecting your home, property, belongings and keeping your family safe.

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