ERA's Latest Smart Lock puts you in Control of your Home!

ERA's Latest Smart Lock puts you in Control of your Home!

ERA Protect are committed to keeping your home safe and secure, and with our latest product innovation, you can take your security to the next level.


Are you in control of your security?

From family and friends, to pets and valuables; as a homeowner, the safety of your home should always be a number one priority. With over 200,000 burglaries last year in England and Wales alone, it’s important, now more than ever, to ensure that we are in control of our home’s security.

ERA has been at the forefront of securing Britain's homes for over 180 years. As people have adapted the way they live, we have updated the ways in which we help them protect the things most important to them. And with our new Smart Universal Door Handle, we are putting you fully in control of your home.

You'll be able to lock your door with confidence!

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Do-it-yourself is on the rise!

B&Q’s latest DIY report ‘The Way We Live Now:2024’ tells us that 15% of people failed to find a tradesperson available for the work they needed doing.

Our new Smart Lock is not only retrofittable (which means it can fit on any door), but can be installed on the same day as delivery with DIY installation. You can be up and running in less than 60 minutes – perfect for upgrading your home security, but without the extra cost of an installer.

If you’re worried about installation, we have supplied a video guide for you to follow, and with 61% of people choosing to do their own DIY projects, our simple-to-fit video should put your mind at ease.

It's Smart, it's Secure, it's Your Choice! 

You are the key! From fingerprint access, lift to lock action and more, we're giving you complete control over your home.

Whether you're at the shop and have a delivery, or need to let the kids in while you're away, our smart lock allows you to have access to your door from anywhere, at anytime.

Upgrading your door security puts you in charge of your home, and having a lock that meets the latest security standards places you ahead of the game; and with three finishes available, you can choose from Polished Chrome, Satin and Black to suit your door.

Our smart handle has no hidden costs, we have included everything you need so you don't have to pay extra.


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