Smart Home Security Systems

Look after your home and family with ERA’s fantastic selection of smart home devices.

From outdoor wireless security cameras to comprehensive home alarm systems, we’ve got everything you need to keep your property well-protected.

Base Hub

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    Base Hub

Total Security

ERA Protect Hub: The Heart Of Your Smart Security System

The ERA Protect Base Hub is the perfect home for all your smart devices. Available to purchase on its own or as part of a pre-built alarm kit, it gives you full control over every accessory or system in our range. As it connects directly to your router, it is very easy to install and will automatically connect to the strongest network signal.

Once the Base Hub has been installed, you can keep tabs on what’s happening inside and outside your home via our free-to-use mobile app.

Home Alarm System inside the home

Whether home or away

Smart Security Cameras & Video Doorbells

Keep a close eye on events unfolding outside your house with ERA’s high-quality home security cameras. Providing crystal-clear HD sound and video coverage day or night, each of our cameras has an in-built motion sensor that starts recording at the first sign of activity.

Both options have sufficient video storage capacities to allow you to review footage at a later date. If you choose the Floodlight Outdoor Camera, you’ll also have the ability to talk to unwanted visitors via an integral two-way talk system.

ERA Protect

Smart Security Alarm Kits

Ward off potential intruders by purchasing one of our extensive smart home alarm systems. Combining innovative technology with high-performance accessories, each pre-made bundle features sensors and deterrents to keep your home safe from intrusion.

Explore our smart alarm kits today to find one best suited for your budget and property size.

ERA Protect
Cover Plans For Greater Home Protection 

In addition to our suite of burglar alarms and other home security devices, we are proud to offer comprehensive Cover Plans to provide even greater peace of mind. 


Ideal for those with multiple cameras, ERA Protect Plus gives you access to a 4G sim backup to ensure constant coverage in the face of an unreliable Wi-Fi connection. This plan also gives you access to 30-day rolling storage of any camera footage and allows you to save video clips for future use. 

As well as all of the extras provided by ERA Protect Plus, our ERA Protect Plus Premium plan increases your home security by bringing in a professional monitoring team. This 24/7, 365-a-year service ensures that your property is monitored and protected at all times, whether you’re at home, out of the house or otherwise engaged. In the event of an emergency, the appropriate services will be contacted and actions taken to secure your property.

Make your life easier with a video doorbell

Who’s there? See for yourself with the addition of a wireless camera doorbell to your home’s first point of entry. Suitable for flats, bungalows and houses, the Smart Home Video Doorbell is ideal for every kind of homeowner and will help you keep tabs on everything going on outside your door. 

With an in-built camera that gives a direct feed to your devices, our doorbell camera offers two-way audio so you can greet visitors and communicate clearly with unwanted guests. 

You’ll be able to speak to delivery drivers, postal workers, unexpected well-wishers, and anybody else who appears outside your property from any location, giving you complete control over the events transpiring on your doorstep. 

Our wireless video doorbell connects seamlessly with Google Home and Alexa smart speakers and works best when combined with other home security systems, like our high-powered outdoor and indoor cameras

For that all-important peace and mind and even greater home security, purchase one of our video doorbells today.

Learn more about our cover plans.