Is Your Home Secure? 3 Tips for a Well-Protected Home!

Is Your Home Secure? 3 Tips for a Well-Protected Home!

Here at ERA Protect, your security is at the forefront of our minds. As the days grow shorter and longer evenings draw in, what are you doing to ensure your home is fully secured?

Each year burglaries increase during the winter months, as intruders are less likely to be seen. During nightfall, empty properties are more identifiable. We want to help you deter any unwanted visitors from your property and to ensure that your home security is up to scratch.

Aside from the obvious of locking your doors and windows; we have listed 3 of our top tips in order to prepare your home for the upcoming winter months.


1. Shine some light!

One of the simplest ways to upgrade you security is to add lights to your home. Adding a floodlight to the outside of your home is a great way to help deter unwanted visitors.

If your looking for a floodlight, our ERA Protect Outdoor Floodlight Camera could be the perfect solution for you. It looks just like a regular spotlight, with additional benefits of being able to see and hear what’s happening outside your home via our smartphone app.

Another way to add light to your home is to leave interior lights on when you’re not in. Purchasing mixed timer lights and setting them to come on at peak times gives the illusion that someone is in.

2. Leave no opportunities for hide and seek.

Commonly missed by most, one of the key places that needs strengthened security is the garden (front & back). Unkept shrubbery & bushes, and garden furniture can create shadows and hiding spaces for unwanted visitors.

If you’ve overlooked your spring clean up this year, its still not to late to start. Give yourself an extra layer of security and deter potential intruders by tidying up your garden for the upcoming winter months.

3. Be heard from a mile away!

Though seemingly obvious, one of the most effective and off-putting factors for burglars are security alarms. A strong deterrent with bright lights makes it more difficult for unwanted visitors to sneak around your property undetected. Our ERA Protect Live Alarm Siren when triggered, emits a loud (104dB) sound and strobe lights, drawing attention to any trespassers and can be set to remain live 24/7.

According to London's Metropolitan Police, your house is less likely to be targeted by burglars if you have a well-fitted burglar alarm. If you don’t want to commit to the real thing, our ERA Protect Replica Siren looks just like our working alarm but with less commitment, and still provides an extra layer of defense for the outside of your home.

With over 185 years of experience, ERA have experience in offering the best security to British homes. We take your safety seriously. From trusted window and door security to the latest smart-home solutions, shop here for exactly what you need to keep your home safe this winter.

Discover our range of home security, from smartware to hardware, and see how we can help protect your home.